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What is the obligation of a TMG prayer partner?? ​ To pray! Pray fervently and with sincerity for those all over the world hungry for an experience with Jesus Christ. Pray for the missionaries and evangelist going forth that they speak with boldness, serve with love and follow God in all things. Pray for provisions for the ministry. Pray the Lord send forth laborers into the  harvest.


The Giver  is essential to mission... We understand everyone is not called to travel overseas or loves street evangelism. Ministry is not accomplished without the Giver. 100% of your donation will go towards missions objectives. You can give towards our General Fund (distributed as needed), specific projects or scholarship fund.


How do you know if you should go? If you have a burden or strong desire to go and reach people for Jesus regardless of their culture or socioeconomic status, you should go! Following this call/burden, will forever change your life.​ ​ Who is eligible to train with TM Global? You must be: Baptized in Jesus name and filled with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues. You must be 18 years old before training starts. You must be living a holy life as verified by your church leadership. You must meet the financial commitments of the program. ​ When is training? Trainings start Spring 2023 ​ Is there a virtual option? Training is virtual, but highly interactive. This is not a class setting where you just sit behind a computer! You will meet people that are “going” already and be able to interact with them, as well as work on a team project to build an outreach component for an actual ministry. ​ How do we prepare to go? We will prepare by focusing on spiritual things and learning from people who know more than we do! The curriculum is intense, but it gives you the opportunity to get direct and constructive feedback. Focusing on growing in God, challenging you to come out of your boxes and getting out to see faces of people you can reach, will forever change your life. ​ How much does it cost? The cost of each trip will vary. For example, the Dominican Republic in 2022 trip is six days and cost $1500 but includes airfare, lodging, all meals and transportation while on the trip. Cost will vary, but if you feel led to go, SAVE NOW! ​ What are the steps to become a Go-Person? Here's what you need to do: Fill out the application and submit your application fee. We will take 2-3 weeks to review the application. During this time, we will solicit recommendation statements from your leadership. We will make a determination concerning your application and send it to you via email. Our available space and the strength of your application will be determining factors. Your application will either be accepted, deferred or rejected. Deferrals will be granted if you are solely deferred due to lack of space. Once the application is accepted, we will contact you with next steps about financing and planning further.

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